Programma della settimana

Monday morning: Cappuccino information event – find out all the details of our activities and excursions, so you can decide your own holiday program!

The program will start just after the info-event

Range of activities from hands-on workshops, to excursions, climbing, games, visits to Archaeological Museum of Finalborgo with thematic workshops, hiking, picnics, activities in the organic garden, the beach …

From Tuesday to Friday the program will take place by alternating short days (09,30-13,30) in longer days (9.30 to 16.00) and also organizing an evening with dinner

at the hotel and icecream in Finalborgo.


All this while mom and dad enjoy a half day of freedom….


There will also be a day dedicated yo the whole family: we will start all together with a walk and a pic-nic on the hills sorrounding Finale with beautiful scenery and playing with your children (return at 16,30)



Saturdays and Sundays are days with many arrivals and departures, but on Monday the adventure starts again under a new theme!

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